Python’s Mentor Workshop— My thoughts

In September 2017 I was invited by my degree student’s association to be a mentor in Python’s Workshop of Biomedical Engineering freshmen. My first thought was: “I can’t do it”!!! I was uncertain whether I would be good enough or if I could help them.

When I was in my first year in University, programming discipline was a big monster that I had to face, and it was really hard to understand it or to feel motivated when using it. I didn’t understand why I needed to know arrays, to improve healthcare (since my degree is Biomedical Engineering). “Why do I need this?” That was in my head all the time. And now I understand.

Looking back, the first year in University was hard for me, and I would love to get the chance to know 5th year students. I would love to know their drive in this Biomedical Engineering world and all their experience and wisdom. And of course, I would love if one of them would teach me a little bit of python.

Now, I’m in my final year in Master’s degree in Medical Informatics, I’ve been through a lot. I’m really different from that first-year girl. Now I love my degree and I believe it can change healthcare systems. All the basics of programming in my first year were essential to enter in the master’s degree. I’m programming and learning everyday.

What is missing, then? Am I capable of teach them, have I the knowledge? Of course, yes! Can I do it? YES! And most important, I can give to them what I hadn’t in my first year: Some presence and guidance. Not only on Python, but also some doubts about the degree:” Why do I need this?” I’m so glad I can finally answer to that question.

The 4 sessions workshop is now over, and I am so glad I took this challenge. I entered in this workshop with 3 more friends of my master’s degree. We wanted to make something different from the usual. More guidance for them than previous years! I can see in their eyes that they are so much more motivated then what I was. I can hear all the “thank you”s from their mouth. And specially I can feel that I made a difference in their programming world perspective.

So much that happened… Who would say that this first year’s girl would teach the same monster that she once was so afraid? :)