The biggest lie

The biggest lie ever told: “it doesn’t matter” it is sweet to hear, and easy to buy, because even thought deep down we all know it’s not true, we all want it to be true. You might wonder, why is that?, why are we so afraid to accept these life matters… Isn’t that what we all strive at the end, a life with a meaning? Still don’t get it… Look around, take a moment, can you see it know? Society wants easy, it’s just easier to take the meaning out of life. When nothing matters, there’s no wrong or right, there is guilt or pain, there is not such thing as good or bad because nothing matters. But even though we want it to be true, and we live by these idea, it’s just not the truth. Everything matters, in different scales of course, but it matters. It matters cause each action you choose to make, will in one way or another, make you who you are. Don’t be scared to matter, because you do, you’ll see how valuable you are. And that isn’t just a fact, that gives you a meaning and a responsibility. It matters, therefore don’t waste time, there’s something that you’ll realize are just not worth you’re while. Don’t spend you’re life living with fear, because you might regret a choice, but at least you can learn from it, but you won’t be able to forgive yourself if you don’t take a chance, because you’re too afraid, or it seems too hard, or its just not the time. don’t. Don’t spend time making excuses, because they’re never be good enough. Don’t spend time in those things that won’t do you any good. Don’t regret past mistakes, just learn from them. Don’t spend a second in a day thinking about what others think about you, because in the end you’re the only one that has to live with you’re choices. Life is too short to fight, to hold a grudge, to fear…spend every second of it striking to be the best possible version of yourself. Enjoy because time, doesn’t come back.