Why do you want to be in a relationship?
Jessica Semaan

Hi! I’m Mariana and I’m from Argentina. I’m 36, single, and you have no idea the family pressuere to get married and have children ( my parents had 5 kids, and I’m the only daughter and the youngest). Now, my mom don’t ask me to get married, but for a child, and, to be honest, I never liked kids, never got “the feeling” when I saw a baby. I have 2 nephews, a boy of 9 and a baby girl of 2 (from two of my older brothers). I have a job, but in my country the economy and futere are a “russian roullette”, you never know if next year something will come up, also, I have many hereditary health issues (cancer, diabetes, obessity, etc), and many things I want to do for myself, to enjoy me, that a kid or family is not in the picture. I’m straight, but the mens I met aren’t what I look for. So, I live as I can, having what makes me happy, if others are happy having kids good for them.

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