How could FIFA surprise the world

A shocking revelation

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Dear designers, football fans or students,

We’d like to present you our idea for a possible FIFA campaign. It’s a school project from December 2015. A project which restores FIFA’s credibility and shows that mistakes were also being made at the top management level. However, the important thing here is how we handle those mistakes. In this article, we present one possible solution. One that will allow FIFA to go back to the game. We hope we can inspire all students to share “bigger” and maybe a bit controversial ideas, large organisations to be more human and football fans to love the game again!


At the strategic level, FIFA has had a series of bad publicity thanks to 
a recent corruption scandal, and they have a need for a rebranding campaign. The goal is to reposition FIFA as a serious and ethical organization with a global audience.

Apparently, there was not the best way of thinking in a recent time period, which led to most problems FIFA has now. In order to create solutions that are not only temporary or just postponing the real problems, we knew, we had to think differently.

Therefore, we looked back more than 100 years ago, to the time, when it all began. To understand the reason, why FIFA was founded in the first place. What was the goal of the organisation? They wanted to bring people together. To unite all nations, to unite the world. FIFA was all about sport and people.

And throughout the years, they achieved important worldwide milestones. Equality in gender and race, fair play and human rights. Big things like these are examples not only for football fans but for a whole society. And yes, what happened inside the organisation recently was not the best.

But hiding facts doesn’t help. Organising more events, donating more money… this doesn’t help. Using just money will not solve this problem. And as a proof, let’s take a look at FIFA’s Facebook page:

How about being human again?


As an idea for this campaign, we designed an interactive website. A website, that not only engages but also impresses its target audience with a unique story, worldwide achievements, touching revelation, and in the end, new hope for a better future.

We wanted to tell the story of FIFA. Starting with their core values and explanation why the organisation was created, followed by the most significant milestones.

However, recent events in the organisation led to some bad publicity. This created a possibility to apply transparency. Using transparency, not just bullet points full of promises, FIFA can admit their mistake to the fullest. They will not run away from the problem. They are ready to face it.

Furthermore, the organisation would take steps to regain their credibility. 
A new programme, new rules. FIFA can rise again and continue with their purpose.

Watch the video showing website concept: 
Selected music only serves as a means for better understanding and idea of three main parts — historical, dramatic and a fresh, modern.

By admitting the mistake, we created an empathy, so that the public can relate to the brand on a more personal, and memorable level. We wanted FIFA to be human again. And go back to the game we all love.

Now it’s up to you!

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Marián & Samuel


Authors of the idea:

Marián Čepa (visual design, art direction)
Samuel Briškár (video animation)

As we’ve never worked in advertising (at the time of writing), this is just an idea. Execution of a real campaign could aim for more creative twists and 
a video format. The idea of this campaign originated during our studies in Denmark (2015). We’d like to thank our friends, Bram and Alexis, for giving us valuable feedback. Also, to our Danish mentor