If there’s something I’ve learned from Zygmunt Bauman’s bibliography is that the world is constantly changing. And from my point of view, whoever is not changing with it gets stuck and suffocated.

“Change” is a word I heard a lot today. I caught myself listening to my mother saying I change too much and that this is scaring her. That from one year until now I’ve been through many changes, and I can’t help but think that somehow she’s not keeping up with this growth process of mine.

What I see as fuel for life and opportunity for new beginnings, she sees as danger… And I can’t help myself but argue that she is being unreasonable. But through change processes in life we get the ability to understand that some people in this liquid world are left behind. And being a millennial I have to accept that someday this was gonna happen to my mom. She’s always been so avant garde in her attitudes and this has always made me proud. But since I’ve become an adult and started living my life a little more separate from her and my dad, they’ve become overwhelmed by a thought that I am changing too much.

In fact I am. I’ve become a woman, full of dreams to fulfil and full of will to make them happen. This can be scary for a parent, you know… From nightime to daylight their only daughter is suddenly spreading wings to fly. But what I don’t understand is how can this be disturbing to them, to the point mother has to argue with me and ask me to stop changing.

My only way of thinking is that if we don’t change we don’t move forward. And moving forward is the most important part of life. Is when you take chances, risk yourself for something great, allow yourself sublime feelings of conquering life. Is to live and not just exist. I wish she could see this way too, but unfortunately I’ve also learned that some things don’t change. Talk about changes…

What I can bring from this experience is that I must fight to overcome the small box people are programmed to think their life is about. I wish I could show mom and dad the way I see how the world and the universe are so big, and how they are constantly changing, evolving to amazing things. How nature behaves in front of an obstacle and changes to survive. How we must change and evolve to survive. I wish I could make up her mind but I can’t. And I have to accept it. And I know this is part of me changing, evolving to a generation much more open minded than mom’s or grandma’s.

Allow yourself to change and allow yourself to be the change you want to see. The answers we are looking for are inside of us and they will guide us for amazing experiences and progress.