WSP 101 Reflection

My first post on medium was focused on describing ways in which people are able to learn in a globalized world by tying together ideas based on my own personal experiences as well as Cathy Davidson’s ideas from her essay “The Future of Learning Institutions in a Digital Age.”

Forgetful, Distracted, and Entertained focuses on how I feel when using technology specifically social media. I delve into why I continue to use social media even though I feel like there a very real cons.

In this post I explore what makes us beautiful. It is a big question that I love to research because I am very interested in how the way people either accept or deny certain beauty standards and how that then affects the person.

After looking at a couple TED Talks and Vice documentaries I refined my big question. I went deeper into questioning why certain things are beautiful while others are not and how these ideas of “beautiful” are different for males and females.

In this post I try and answer the whether or not ones Facebook profiles are ever deleted? I reference It’s Complicated by Danah Boyd, specifically her chapter on privacy.

I describe my lesson plan in this post and what I want to accomplish by the end of my lesson which is to give a greater understanding to my students about biases in the workplace.

“Disconnecting from Technology” is based on how I felt disconnecting from technology for fifteen minutes a day for a week. Throughout my post I mention how it was difficult to complete this assignment and how I needed distractions to keep me preoccupied for those fifteen minutes.

After watching Daphne Koller’s TED Talk I wrote this blog post explaining my thoughts on the best mode of learning. I argue that peer collaboration is the best mode of learning because the more people collaborate the more perspectives come together to add something different.

This was one of the more difficult blog posts that I have written because I did not really understand string theory and the purpose of the blog post was to try and explain it.

I explain what I know about Santa Claus in this article which actually is not that much besides basic facts. I also added a picture of Santa Claus that shows him in a not so typical “look.”

My final blog post is on video games. I discuss how I feel when I play video games vs when I do not. I also delve into the reason behind why I am competitive when I play video games; it is not so much the game that I am trying to beat but rather my brother.

Overall my experience behind blogging this semester has been a positive one. After writing about so many different topics I feel like I have refined my ability to add interesting details in order to create a substantial post. I am now more confident writing about basically anything because I know that I can reference many different sites such as TED Talks and scholarly articles to further my point. In the past I would find it difficult to write more than about a page double spaced about any topic because I could not think about what else to add; I was very straight to the point. I can now think of more ways to enhance my writing without loosing clarity.

I believe that it does not matter what one writes about as long as writing is being practiced. This semester the only writing based course that I had was WSP 101 so it was really helpful to have this class in that I was required to write and in return my writing skills flourished.

In WSP 101 I learned that collaboration, writing, and participation are all important factors that make a well rounded student. I look up to a lot of people in the class because they are well above proficient in the three categories I mentioned. I definitely improved in those three topics through the assignments that we had to complete but I know that there still a lot of growing that I need to do which I will achieve by continuing to work hard on trying to work with others, writing, and not being afraid to speak up.

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