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How not to feel guilty when you take a break

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I get it. We all want to shine in this world as writers. We want to be in our readers' mailbox. We want to survive on this and every other platform. We need to survive, and for that, we need to publish stories constantly so that readers know we are still here.

Oh, how many times I’ve rushed to write a story only to not feel obsolete? To make sure my few followers received a notification with my name on it? To just not be forgotten?

Many times. And I kept my writing goals. I would write every single day, even when I didn’t feel like it. I would write even when I didn’t have a clue about what to write. I would write when there was nothing for me to say. I would write after my 9 hours day-job and my night shift as a mom. …

Create an authentic sense of community in your classroom, regardless of the pandemic.

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Building a sense of community in a classroom is crucial for learning. The sense of belonging increases students’ motivation to learn, willingness to help each other, satisfaction with their academic programs, and cognitive learning.

The beginning of the year is the best moment to create a sense of community in your classroom. And while this year feels very different for many of us, there’s no reason we can’t create connections with our students.

No matter if our classes are 100% virtual, or hybrid, or blended, or in-person, creating a sense of community in your classroom is not that difficult, and it will always be beneficial. …

And tips on how to avoid them

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One of the main reasons editors reject a story is poor self-editing.

There is nothing more disappointing than being asked to review a manuscript that is not ready for review.

Self-editing is something that every writer has to take seriously. It might not be our cup of tea, but if we want our work to see the light and get the eyeballs it deserves we must edit like pros.

If you want to improve your chances of getting your work accepted and published by editors, then make their job easier by editing your work properly.

The following are 4 common self-editing mistakes I’ve seen again and again from working as an editor and from having my pieces rejected from publications. …


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