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Maria Angel Ferrero
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I’m not a full-time writer. At least not one that lives from their writing. I have a 9–5 job that frequently goes beyond the 9–5. I also have two young children to care for, a relationship to cherish, and a house to run. Yes, I run the house.

But I dream of being a writer.

Wait, let’s go back to that statement. I am a writer.

Yes, that sounds better. That sounds fair. No matter what my LinkedIn profile says about it.

I love to write. Writing, as I always said, is my escape valve. Writing is my element.


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We all know that teaching remotely is hard. But what about learning remotely? How are students coping? Are they learning?

I always start my lectures with a simple question: “How are you coping?” During the first weeks of lockdown, I received mostly a “meh”. I guess the situation was so unique that students were almost amused to have their classes moved online and their exams canceled. What a relief. But then, after the first week went by, the ambiance changed. Stress and anxiety took over. Isolation started to look serious. And well, some students just disappeared.

This fall, things didn’t…

Illustration courtesy of the Author. Made with Canva.

Ok, so we all know remote teaching is challenging. While we know online classes are the best option in the current context, there is no secret about how difficult it can be to ensure students’ learning and active involvement.

Let’s be honest, Zoom classes and traditional slides are not enough. Students are not participating, and unfortunately, they are not learning. This is not completely their fault. It’s not because they don’t care, but because they struggle. They struggle to stay focus; they struggle to connect with others; they struggle to become active learners.

And it’s not our fault either, we…

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I get it. We all want to shine in this world as writers. We want to be in our readers' mailbox. We want to survive on this and every other platform. We need to survive, and for that, we need to publish stories constantly so that readers know we are still here.

Oh, how many times I’ve rushed to write a story only to not feel obsolete? To make sure my few followers received a notification with my name on it? To just not be forgotten?

Many times. And I kept my writing goals. I would write every single day…

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Building a sense of community in a classroom is crucial for learning. The sense of belonging increases students’ motivation to learn, willingness to help each other, satisfaction with their academic programs, and cognitive learning.

The beginning of the year is the best moment to create a sense of community in your classroom. And while this year feels very different for many of us, there’s no reason we can’t create connections with our students.

No matter if our classes are 100% virtual, or hybrid, or blended, or in-person, creating a sense of community in your classroom is not that difficult, and…

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One of the main reasons editors reject a story is poor self-editing.

There is nothing more disappointing than being asked to review a manuscript that is not ready for review.

Self-editing is something that every writer has to take seriously. It might not be our cup of tea, but if we want our work to see the light and get the eyeballs it deserves we must edit like pros.

If you want to improve your chances of getting your work accepted and published by editors, then make their job easier by editing your work properly.

The following are 4 common…

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I’m not an English native speaker. I’ve been learning English since I was 4, but my mother tongue is Spanish. And while I love my romantic native language, I prefer to write in English. To be honest, I think I write better in English than I do in Spanish.

Writing in a language that is not yours is a difficult task. It gets easier with practice, but still, it takes a lot of energy. While many non-native writers have the ability to think in English, some of us rely on our native language to structure thoughts and then translate them…

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In times of physical distancing, it’s hard to build connections. While online learning is probably the best option in today’s context, there’s nothing like face-to-face lectures to make connections.

Who doesn’t miss the classroom, the campus, those coffee breaks to mingle, the lunch hour to catch up with friends and colleagues?

We all do. But despite how much we want to come back to our classrooms, the pandemic is still here and there’s no choice but to keep classes online. Now, does it mean we may better forget about connections?

Well, not quite. I think it’s time we make peace…

Hey Brave Writers,

How’s everyone doing? How was your week?

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Meanwhile, here are the…

Hi friends,

Your editor, Maria Angel Ferrero, here.

I believe Education is the only path to justice. However, we are still far from this justice. There is so much we need to do to make a better Academia. I believe we have the power to change the status quo and to finally make education and schools a right and a safe place for everyone. Is time we do more than just talking about inclusion and diversity. It’s time to take action.

I am sincerely grateful for all the writers who are joining the conversation and have shared with us their…

Maria Angel Ferrero

Feminist, Writer, PhD, Researcher & Professor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship U. Montpellier, editor @thefacultypub and @thebravewritter blog:

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