You’re not “revolutionaries”

Marianne Díaz H.
Jun 8, 2016 · 2 min read
The Photographer”, CC0 Public Domain

I’ve been chastised before for being “too dramatic” about the Venezuelan situation, so I am constantly attempting to tone down my emotions, to tune out of my Delia Fiallo frequency and to be precise, direct, “objective”. But I’m not a journalist, and this is hard to say in any other way: basic food in Venezuela is now directly controlled by political groups. This is the same people who “tell on us” when we protest, who “cooperate” with the government in order to accuse us of all sort of crimes, who send the police to raid our buildings and find magnesia milk and national flags as evidence of our crime, which is to think differently than the people in power and to have an urge to say so. But there is no basic food that isn’t price-controlled: I can’t choose to buy cornflour from a different authorized vendor and to pay it at a different price: it’s either through the Committee or not at all. In my case, and in the case of millions of other people who are identified as dissidents by their close community, it’s “not at all”. There is not enough food, and the government has made their priorities clear as the light of day: the “revolutionaries” come first, because there is a “revolution” to be made.

So I’m gonna say it once and for all: you’re not revolutionaries. You’re the people who hold the power, and hence you’re the oppressor. No revolution can come from you. If a revolution were to come, it would come from the people who are not eating more than twice a day, from the people whose children are dying for lack of medicines, from the people who have to stand in line for hours a day in order to get crumbs of food from you, the oppressor, the one who has decided that their dream of a political and economic model is to be held above the rights and the suffering of an entire country, that it is to be defended at all consequences, even if it implies the death of hundreds, the death of thousands. It would come from the people you are denying the right to vote their way out of this disaster. You can’t make a revolution while in power, because a revolution is, first and foremost, a movement against those who are in power, from those who have none.

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