Fibromyalgia and insomnia

This has to be one of the worst symptoms of fibromyalgia. Sleep is the cornerstone of good health and I’m not a firm believer that we must have 8 hours a night as I feel our bodies adjust to a steady amount of sleep. I used to be a 9 hours a night girl, now I survive on 5/6 hours and that is if I go to bed from 9.40 – 6.00 every night.

A few things I learn from researching insomnia and fibromyalgia is that it is a vicious circle. Fibromyalgia causes insomnia and insomnia makes fibromyalgia symptoms worse. When you find what process you need to follow to help you sleep your symptoms dramatically reduce.

I’ve had a laparoscopy so I have been recovering and been off work and on pain meds which I gave up on Sunday. My body does not react well to medications which is why I came off them in the first place; chemical sensitivity. But I’ve let my night time routine slip and I need to get back on it:-

  • No tv an hour before bed
  • Wear my uv glasses 2 hours before bed
  • Do yoga before bed
  • Meditate before bed
  • Do not drink fluid 2 hours before bed
  • Do not eat 2 hours before bed
  • Ensure I have a bath with magnesium flakes
  • Absolutely no napping during the daytime

It’s a simple list but it works for me. Some great tips are also listed in this site here.

I would not resort to pills for insomnia, in my experience and in many research articles they do not work long term as our brains get used to them.

Also you have to keep active, I know I am not sleeping as I am not at work and had to slow down my exercising to recover from surgery. A sedentary lifestyle is more dangerous than you think. Our bodies need to be tired out and to feel like it’s been busy in order to rest, if we haven’t done much during the day then we won’t be able to sleep. This is why I do yoga at night. Click here for more info.

Find an exercise that works for you. Walking is fantastic and if needs be use a walking stick.

Good luck everyone and don’t give up!!