Mission-Driven Design

Every company has a mission, but it’s not uncommon for that mission to get lost in day-to-day work. The mission of the company should be the values that they stand for and the solutions they’re bringing into the world. Why does the company exist? What sort of impact should the company have on society? These are questions that founders should be asking themselves on a daily basis. The process of understanding the mission and implementing it in product design is a difficult, but important one.

When creating design systems, I like to make an entire page about the mission. I explain the values of the company and how this design system reflects those values. Creating this page is a good start, but how do you drill this mission into the product even further? I believe a good product manager thinks about how the mission and the product align, but it shouldn’t just be up to the management team. Product designers should be thinking about the mission through every design that they create. Even if it’s just for a few minutes before you start wire framing, think of how what you’re about to create aligns with the overarching goals of the company. Design not only with process, but with purpose.

originally posted on www.marianoaavila.com/blog

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