Be a Consumer Sniper

Lots of companies do not understand that today what they need is not as important as was before. Yes, that is hard to listen but sadly is a true fact. What is really important now, more than ever, are the needs of the consumer. Consumer Centric Strategies are a must today. Starting to work on a strategy from another angle that the one named before is a huge mistake.

You might think, that the first paragraph is obvious, but is incredible de amount of companies that do not have this kind of ideas clear. Before you start your strategy, you have to know like no one your customer: who are you talking to, where do they talk, what are their tensions, how do they behave on these platforms; to realize how the message has to be communicated and always knowing that you will receive lots of interactions, if you do the things right; if not, you will be left a alone thinking «what did I do wrong?»

To do this last things, companies have the enormous advantage of counting with lots of tools that can help to achieve this objective. Listening tools are one of the examples, Survey Tools (correctly implemented) are another, User Profiling tools, etc. I can’t imagine how, with this enormous advantage some companies are leaving consumer digital research behind as if that was not important. They should understand that with the development of social media, or better said social business the best way of being efficient is to hunt your consumers with a crosshair and not with dynamite. Doing it like a sniper has the best cost / benefit relationship because you attack the customer you need to fulfill his/her needs, and because every penny counts.

So, do it the right way, be a consumer sniper.


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