Rey is a Skywalker
Matt Chessen

Padwan? Oh you mean Padawan… :-P

You say “ George Lucas constructed his universe to rhyme, repeat and riff, like music.” sadly he just came out and said Disney did not use any of his ideas for this movie (and most likely the rest also).

“The next trilogy (Episodes X-XII) will then start the process of lifting us back towards the light.” ???????!!!!!! Soooo… show me where Disney has announced there will be two new trilogies… you can’t because they haven’t.

Soooo… everyone is the child of someone? That’s a plot twist that’s going to get old quick.

I stopped reading when you said you have the plot for the next two movies… suuuuure you’re the writer and have the scripts, right? You’re arrogant and base everything on things that Disney and Lucasfilm have said are no longer cannon. Could they draw from it? Probably. Ben solo mirrors the idea of Jacen Solo turning to the dark side. Is it possible that Rey is Luke’s daughter? Only if you base it on the NON-CANNON works and assume that Luke’s new Jedi were allowed to marry and have children. Is there any evidence that that is the case? NO.

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