How to Embrace your Inner Procrastinator
Lisa Northover

Procrastination can be looked at as just a thought, or an idea, that you’re not quite ready to do something about just yet. Some of us have to weigh the pro’s and con’s first before jumping in and possibly regretting our decisions. If you were to look back on your “procrastinations” you may find some ideas got aborted probably because after a lot of thought, it was decided it wasn’t a good idea, but others have come into fruition as you worked out what were actually good ideas and what weren’t. One achieved thought has been your desire to write. As far as I know, it’s been at least a year (if not longer) that you’ve pondered this desire, wondering how, when, where, how, and how again. You’ve done all the homework (in your head), and when you felt (half) ready, you gave it a start, and now you’re on a roll and writing! So there’s one of many procrastinated thoughts you can strike off the list. Great start hey!!

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