Awesome God

Thank you Lord for your graciousness and protection.

It was only last night when I saw the late night news that I realize the devastation of Typhoon Pedring. It has the strength of Super Typhoon Ondoy though the affected places are lesser compared to Ondoy but nonetheless the effects was just as tragic.

Houses were in floodwaters up to the roof… dams overflowing… people are upset because of the calamity that struck them… government people trying to justify why they failed to do certain things and that they are doing everything they can to remedy the situation.

Lunch time yesterday we had our weekly Bible study at the office and our facilitator mentioned that God blesses those who favor His chosen people, the Israelites…

I have not been to Israel, I heard what happen to them , why some races despise them or persecuted them just because they were God chosen people. But as what our facilitator said those who go against Israel, God punishes and we saw what happen to them, history has its stories. Even the Bible attest to this fact.

Then it struck me …am I God’s favor people ? When Ondoy struck, I was at the office I brought my car at the office because it was a Saturday. Usually I just hitched a ride with my husband to save on gas . I got stranded the whole time and went home at 2:00 am but reached home at 4:00 am, because there was still traffic at the North Luzon expressway. By the way, my husband called up that afternoon advising me not to try to go home ( I live in Marilao, Bulacan ) because many streets were flooded.

When I reached home, I saw mud in the streets in our subdivision, with fallen trees lying around. I learned from my husband that they were also stranded outside our home because my kids asked him to bring them to the jeepney terminal because they have classes that day so he brought his car with him. Because of the strong rain, my husband convince my kids not to go to school anymore. But they were not able to go home anymore because of the deep flood waters along the way. They left home at 11:00 am and was able to go home at 7:00 pm.

The next day, a Sunday, Sept 27,2009, we learned that floods swept our street damaging properties ( beds, furnitures, even our local church was not spared from the flood waters ) including cars.

It suddenly struck me how blessed I am , that day , why ? My house , no streak of any flood waters , not even a drop of water, not a trace. Our cars, mine and my husband’s company provided car were ok.

Then the other night while typhoon Pedring was rampaging Metro Manila, when I went home that day, there was no electrical power so I was not able to hear any news about the storm. I hardly had a sound sleep, I prayed the rosary the whole night asking for protection because I saw the water at a nearby water creek in our place getting higher. Lord, please protect our home and our cars… I ask the Holy Spirit for his white light of protection around my home and my cars.

I woke up the next morning with a head ache ( due to colds and lack of sound sleep ) but again I was protected by the Lord, my house and my property are safe with God’s grace and generosity…

Maybe that what God wants us to do to surrender our trust and faith for his deliverance and He will take care of us…

Awesome God…. thank you and we love you Lord.

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