Finding Your Place in the World

We came into this world alone but in order to live, we have to find where we fit in this world . As we go on through life’s journey , it is important we understand how the universal law of nature works .

Take a good look at the world in which you live . Where will you best fit in ? How can you serve others ? No one can answers these questions but you .

If you let others answer these questions for you , you will end up being lost and continuously yearning for life’s meaning , just because you let others decide for your place in this world .

To live a successful life , the world requires that we cooperate , We must establish our own credibility and evaluate the credibility of people we associate with . Credibility means having integrity and a vision or purpose in life .

The world will cooperate with you if your task has benefits for others , or to the world .

Take time to prepare a comprehensive presentation on your projects , because if it is acceptable , not only will the necessary resources cooperate with you but the world will deliver your success on your terms.

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