I Miss Home

Home maybe a structure where we live day to day , a roof to cover our heads from the elements . Simply a house to shelter us from the busy life that we all have .

But a real home is where the people we love we interact , bond and share our stories .

I miss home … for about a year now , my twin daughters decided to work overseas, somewhere in the Middle East … fly their own wings and find their destiny . My eldest son works in the city and stay with my Mom. So practically it’s just me and my husband . There are even times now I am home alone …as my husband travels in the provinces as part of his work.

We use to be all together in our home but the past year , the usual lively conversations turn to quiet meditation of sorts …tired from the day’s work …we just quietly eat dinner and watch TV then eventually sleep to prepare for next day’s work .

Late last year we had a medical challenge as my eldest son needs to undergo an ear surgery . We all got alarm and worried . Unscheduled my twin daughters decided to go home to be with their eldest brother during his surgery . Even sacrificing their savings for the previous year just to go home .

Wow ..I am so elated knowing how my children loved each other that much … sacrificing their hard earned money just to be with us during this medical challenge . We were so happy for 10 short days …just like old times …the homey feeling is back… eating together , watching movies , just nothing conversations but still you can feel the happiness of being home …

Thank you Lord the surgery went well. My twin daughters are back in their Middle East place of work . Things you can say is back to normal but the good memories lingers on and on ..

Looking forward for their next visit and the full healing of my son…

Home is where you heart is ….

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