why do you have to go back ?
after i was able
to let you be out of my system
maybe things would have been better
if they stayed the way they were

i don’t want to FEEL anymore
i am just reminded of the pain
 of those long agonizing years
i don’t want that to happen
i have so much things that i have to do
i don’t want to have time and
 concentrate on the pain

i want to cry
but how can i, in a crowd ?
it’s all darkness i see tonight
not even a single strand of hope
 in the horizon
it’s all bitterness

i just wanna quit
i can’t stand your game anymore
going in circles
waiting for what ?
a drifter in the wind ?

lost in the direction
i am taking
could i still wait?
please don’t accuse me of impatience
i am not guilty

nothing dance in my mind
but confusion
i can not even recognize my feelings
i am too damned stones
where will i go now
 to seek for the answers ?

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