Love Never Gives Up

you are in my memory
whatever you say
you are in the deep recesses
of my mind

corny stuff, right ?
but i just want
to voice out
how i feel deep inside me
this is no strange feeling
i know you are aware
as i am

my life seems so empty
yet full of dreams
( and oh nightmares? )
if you’ll only be there
to comfort me
and ease my loneliness

when i love a person
i try to give my all
always wishing the other person
to be happy
even if happiness
means leaving you
alone with yourself

i hope that
even for just sometime
you take time
to think of me

but with you i know
half the battle is won
i hope you are dead serious
or else i don’t know
what’s going to happen
to me

remember that
love never gives up
whatever happens
i will stay
if trials will come
it is just a test
on how much love endures

i don’t know
if you are the “real one”
but i never felt this way
nor can i understand
the sudden changes in me

i never dream
this way
and all because of you
i don’t only love you
during a particular part of the day
but every second
minutes and hours of a day

i long to kiss
the smiles on your lips
to touch
the strands of your hair

i’ve never been this foolish
i guess….