My Dear Mom

For the past years I have been writing about my Dad and even reposting the blog whenever Father’s Day comes . But my Mom is equally as great as my Dad . She is the support in my family . She inspired my Dad to be his best as a father .

They both were young when they got married . They have seven ( 7 ) children and I am their eldest . I graduated from college when I was nineteen years old . They respected my choice of what to take in college . I took up Industrial Psychology . Though I started in a university as a guidance counselor , I eventually ended up in corporate work as an HR practitioner , which I am still doing now .

Since I started working when I was 20 years old , I have been helping my parents in the needs of my family . The usual school needs of my siblings for tuition fee , allowances , books , etc. When I got married at 25 years old , I still find ways to support my parents .

As mentioned in my previous blog about my father , he works in a famous hotel in the 90s as a executive driver to the president of the company . His salary was not enough for 7 children so my Mom she has a small store in our house and does buy and sell of almost every thing . She was really the support to my Dad. They were partners . They provided for our needs no matter what.

I don’t remember watching movies as a family but we do go to the Luneta park for morning jogging and biking . Maybe it was expensive to watch a movie as a family back then .

I remember helping my Mom take care of my brothers and sisters because she has to go to the neighborhood to sell her stuff . I learned how to clean house , cook and wash clothes . Yes , she was also my mentor on how to be a Mom and manage the house .

A few years ago there was a McDonald’s commercial about a married couple wherein their children one by one were leaving the house , I remember my Mom . She is on her own now , with Dad in heaven now . I know Dad still watch over her .

If you still have your Mom with you show her you love her , if you can not say it , just show it . Through the years , me and my husband has given our parents monetary allowances for their needs . Probably with the long years that we have been doing this , we have paid back their expenses on us .
But I know we can never pay back the sacrifices and love they have given us.

Mom , you are such a blessing for me…continue to love us more

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