Psychological Torture

when you came into my life
 i was sixteen and so very foolish
 i did not care much about you
 though secretly i had a crush on you

we were young
 and we had our studies to consider
 so i thought it was not yet the time
 for our love to come true

the days turn into months
 and the months into years
 but i never heard any news about you.
 i wrote you a letter but you never answered back

why the sudden change in you ?
 i thought you like me too
 but now the sudden changes
 you seem to be avoiding me

i’m puzzled by your actions
 because of the ambivalence of your behavior
 so many things are left unsaid
 so many questions left unanswered

am i not entitled to fight for a dream ,no matter how shattered?
 i kept this feelings for years
 and i guess i refused to let it go
 so i waited and HOPED

i tried to live in dreams
but i could not
 the sharp pain tears me apart inch by inch 
 blocking out reality, i failed

through the years so many things changed in me
 my life became different
 but there’s one thing that didn’t change perhaps it never would
 i am still in love with you

i love you so much
 that i thought you couldn’t help loving me too
 i could have love you forever
 if you only gave me even half the chance

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