The Memory of Dad Lingers On ( I )

I came upon my diary journal entry after my Dad’s death in 2003 .

April 5, 2003

mind drifts …numb feelings …
in a few days it will be a month since my Dad left us
 we are still confuse
as if he just left without saying goodbye to any of us
even to my Mom

this is an altogether new feeling for me
for all my family members

each day passes by with emptiness
and certain sadness in our hearts

why does he have to leave that way ?
he was shot by a drug user
early morning on his way to Luneta Park
for his morning tennis

he was a good man not just to us
but even to ordinary folks in the street
which he finds way to help

he has save the life of the teacher
who was supposed to be robbed by this drug user

whenever you are alone
the numb feelings comes back
reminding “the way he was taken from us “

mind drifts …
to a past …..

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