The Memory of My Dad Lingers On ( II )

Another diary journal entry for my Dad :

April 22, 2003

The numbness keeps coming back . Each day the questions keeps filing up and confusion still reigns in our minds ? So many unanswered questions…

How do we go back on track ? How do we seek justice and at the same time protect our families ?

Lord please provide the answers even to some of my questions . Lead us Lord to the ways that will be acceptable to you . Give us strength of spirit and protection for all these adversaries.

I am missing my father so much . I know death comes to all of us . The only question was why do they have to do this to him ? He was just a simple man with his family as his top priority . His whole life revolves around us .

I could not imagine him wishing any harm on another person .

How do we close a grief and pain in our hearts ?

Each day the pain seems to be getting deeper ,the same thing is happening to my siblings .

But Lord we know we have to move on with our lives especially for the sake of our own families .

Our journey must continue and face each day with hope in our hearts.

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