The Missing Piece

Have you ever experience it …as if you have everything in your life but you seem to be floating , looking for something missing in your life … and your search leads you to nothing …as in…

I have the blessings of a good career with a stable income ..all my children are college graduates and have a work of their own..I have my own house , own car , all the physical manifestations of a prosperous life … I have the so-called trimmings of a simple life… I have joy in my heart but still I am a searching for something I can not define .

Until I found this book of John Gray and he was discussing about our love tanks .

He said we have ten love tanks to fill in :

1. Love and support of God
2. Love and support of Parents
3. Friends, family and having fun
4. Peer support
5. Self-love
6. Relationships, partnerships and romance
7. Unconditional love to someone
8. Giving back to community
9. Giving back to the world
10. Serving God

I was so amaze while reading because little by little all my questions on myself are being answered by the principles of the book of John Gray.

All along I was searching and looking for all sorts of solutions for my life journey. Sometimes I also feel guilty because I am so blessed but I am still looking for something which I can not even define to myself. Do I need to give up something right now ? But on second thoughts I told myself am I sure to give up what I’ve worked for and even ask in my prayers. Every day there is a little voice nudging me to find my real purpose in my life . I am in my midlife and just like a teenager looking for his place under the sun , the so called identity crisis .

I am looking for a place where I can make a difference and share my experiences . I feel I can still stretch my abilities and help others be a success.

When I came upon this book of John Gray , I realize what has been missing in my life . I have to strengthen and improve my relationship with God by serving the community and giving back to the world all the blessings God has given me . Serving God by serving His people with the talents and skills that He has given me to improve myself.

The missing piece in my life … is God.

It is just right under my nose and I haven’t seen it…

Thank you John Gray for enlightening me with your book on Love Tanks.

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