I had a talk with an employee at our office and she seems to be passing through a transition in her life ..a midlife crisis …she was at a lost what is happening in her life .. as if something is missing in her life ..

Have you experience such a situation ? You seem to be having a life and yet you are still looking for something .

What is the story of your life ? Have you found your life dreams ? Have you fulfilled your life dreams ? Have you found your way towards your dream life ?

How do you face a uncertain future ? You have new goals to meet and find your ideal life …when life seem to be more simple . ..less complicated and the responsibilities lesser …

More time for service …more space for reading… a life with infinite possibilities ?

What else is there to reach ? What else is there to be ? Where else should I go ?

What is your lifetime possibilities ? Can you be the mentor that other needs ? Can you proceed with a life of hope?

Searching for a life with God …understanding his future plans …what else is there to life?

So much question to ponder and think about …how do you find the answers ?

Transitions create insecurities … finding your best self in all there is to be ….

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