5 Tech Products Dog Owners Miss!

Ah those busy cities with traffic overloads, tons of people, tiny apartments and crazy schedules. Dogs have a lot of energy and they really don’t care that you prefer a city’s lifestyle. They love to play, move, exercise and socialize as much as you do. As a dog owner in 2016, we can afford a couple of smart decisions and offer them this “luxurious”, happy life.

Let’s be honest, it’s still not really about them, but us. Owners want to be a good pup parent, spend a minimum amount of energy and enjoy a happy and healthy pup. We want our friends admire our well-trained dog and always be happy to take care of them, while we are away. We can’t imagine our lives without our Shanties, Charlies and Armanies but sometimes we just wish things would be more simple and we could have some free time, to have people around to help us and just get things done.

Here are five tech companies, who offer support in everyday responsibility to be a good pup parent.

  1. PetCube is a camera for your home. It is not a new technology, but merge it with a voice feature and a simple laser and you get a totally new experience. Watch what your dog is doing, talk to her and play with her at any time. It is available on Amazon.
  2. DogVacay is an Airbnb for dogs at affordable prices. It is ideal for those of us who value human interaction with their pups. It is as easy to use as the original Airbnb, for humans.
  3. VetPronto. A visit to the vet is quite an experience =) let’s put it that way. And there is no way you cannot go. Regular checkups, occasional visits, we all know that. But did you know that the vet can come to you?
  4. Bark Park. Dog Taxi. Whenever you need to drive your dog anywhere, you don’t have to do it yourself anymore. Those guys will safely transport your dog to the vet, daycare, groomer, friend’s house or anywhere else.
  5. FitBark. Small, affordable and functional health tracker. Learn how long your pup sleeps, plays and exercises. Use this data for your vet visits, to learn how active your dog is while it’s with somebody else and manage its energy level to prevent misbehaving.

With rising technologies, more tools will be available. Hopefully, it will motivate more people to own a pup. Dogs teach us love, compassion, happiness and improve our level of responsibility. In the world of the internet, big cities and busy schedules, we still seek those simple things.

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