How to Protect your Goods in Transit

One major concern company’s endure is the loss of control when shipping their goods, effectively they are at the mercy of the shippers and handlers and this can be a daunting experience, but there are precautions you can take in order to ensure peace of mind when sending your fragile products for shipping.

Best Practice Packaging

One of the best known products for industrial packaging supplies is the humble cardboard box, with over 31.9million tonnes of cardboard boxes are produced every single year it’s clear just how much we rely on this product when shipping and transporting our goods.

Due to their many shapes and sizes, the cardboard box is the ideal packaging solution for items of all shapes and sizes. A sound investment is the double corrugated cardboard box as this is lightweight, recyclable and extremely durable.
The cardboard box alone, however, is often not enough, and it’s recommended you package your product with some sort of inflatable protective packaging to avoid unnecessary damage where possible. Not to be overlooked bubble wrap might seem modest but it acts as insulator, a waterproof layer and a cushioning product. If you have more specific needs inflatable bottle packaging and other niche shapes are available to suit your requirements.

Many companies have to invest in more substantial packaging for their goods, those who ship large items and that require pallets may consider investing in steel strapping to secure their products, an extremely secure material. Though for items that require slightly less rigidness other more elastic materials are available such as polyester strapping.

Shockwatch Labels

Once your goods are packaged it’s worth going the extra mile to ensure the goods are not mishandled during shipping, after all your hard work to protect your items it would be devastating to know damage has been caused by a third party.

Shock watch have created an impact detection device that senses and is able to show the user if the product has come into more impact than specified. The device is a tiny glass tube that is self-adhered to the product with a label. If there has been unnecessary impact, the liquid inside the tube changes colour from clear to red providing undisputable evidence. The benefits of utilising these labels the immediate reduction in damage as the bright coloured labels specify clearly that these products need handled with care.By advertising these products on your goods, you make a statement about the business that you run and can communicate with handlers and shippers throughout the world without ever coming face to face.

As the red liquid in shock watch labels provide undisputable evidence that the goods have been handles incorrectly, carriers who cause damage to your products are identified easily, and the necessary action can be taken.Your costs will be reduced as damage claims can be resolved without dispute, the indicators on the labels show easily where blame lies of damaged goods, meaning you should be able to reclaim any money lost.
The way you package your items is wholly dependent on the goods you plan to ship, whether small items that require minimal packaging, or huge pallets that need industrial measures to secure them following these guidelines will help your precious cargo arrive safely at its destination, giving you peace of mind during the journey, no matter how far.