“Valerian” is the Best Flop of the Summer
Nic Rowan

Valerian is a piece of garbage. No amouint of special effects can save you from hating every minute as cara Delavine’s Character keeps on nagging, and nagging, and complaining about her partner Valerian who keeps on telling her how much he loves her. Thats about the only thimng he says. She is so unloveable, in fact unendurable, you have to wonder how anyone could love her, but thjats beside the point. We the audience still have to endure her constantly talking voice. I almost covered up my ears. The story, as much as it exists is that some blue suppermodels planet got destroyed because a commander fired on them in order to defeat an unrelated enemy, and save a much larger civilization aboard the city Alpha. This made him the bad guy, and of course defeated. He even says “Can you blame me for putting our citizens first?” Sound familiar? Yep. He was a conserbvative, and you know what thta means to film makers allowed to work today. Its been done, and been done better. Don’t waste your money. Its all over the internet for free asnyhow.

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