Creating a Streetwear Clothing Brand in 3 Steps

The development of new online shopping platforms (Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Woocommerce …) and the multitude of celebrities in the sports and show biz industry, creating their own brand young designers to launch their own brand of tee-shirt or streetwear (clothing inspired by urban fashion, expression coming straight from the United States). So how to create a streetwear clothing brand? Given the conjuncture, but also the simplified access to information, the entrepreneurial fiber has become flourishing and so much the better.

How to Create a Street Wear Clothing Mark

In this article we will help you understand the steps and pitfalls to avoid creating a streetwear brand or simply to launch a T-shirt brand (ideal for a smooth launch). You will be able to pinpoint the workings of the textile and fashion industry.

Before you start your project and create a clothing brand you will need to think wisely about certain aspects of your idea and especially your business plan or business plan. This step is not a mandatory step but it will offer you significant benefits and clear vision;

· Aid for external financing (banks, investors, business angels)

· See the feasibility of your project

· Anticipating start-up costs

· Review your strategy

Starting to Create a Urban Clothing Mark

Once you have thoroughly studied the feasibility of your project and thanks to the Business Plan, it will be time to move on to the next stage, that is to say the creation of your minimalist streetwear brand. You will be ready to live an adventure not so simple but really exciting and if you operate in an insightful way everything will go for the best.

To create a brand of clothing you will need an identity, but also and especially a story to tell. The history of your brand will match the spirit you want to out of your brand and it is essential to stand out from other clothing brands by having its own unique identity. What makes people buy your brand more than another? This step is vital and not to be overlooked.

The creation of your brand and your logo should be inspired by your image or your history and be in harmony with your urban clothing brand, so use young patterns, modern fonts, trendy colors, etc. If you are not comfortable with the logo design we recommend you go through a professional who will work your graphic chart perfectly so you will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Design a Street Wear Clothing Line

After the creation of your brand and its protection, after having reflected on your graphic charter you will have to find your products. Are you going to draw your clothes yourself or will you work with street fashion design agencies? Are you going to customize already produced clothes? Who will manufacture or supply your clothes, who will personalize them? Many possibilities open to you if you want to create a brand of urban clothing.

In order to choose a particular option, you will have to think about the costs that this will generate and your initial budget (hence the interest of the business plans). You will also need to validate your qualifications, are you designers or rather illustrator, are you teams of production and printing machinery?

A collection of street wear clothing is expensive and especially if you work your own minimalist fashion designs. If you start, we will suggest you to work on existing factory models and to personalize your illustrations and your packaging; this may be enough for a start but will limit you at one time or another.