We the People

The Power of the Community on a Decentralized World

We all share the same attitude towards how we envision the society we want. But for some Founders, Decentralization is just a concept, a good one, to take advance or profits of it. How many times have we heard rants about how greedy are some projects? Or the typical comment left on a channel “You don´t need to raise that amount”.

The whole wave of ICO experiments, with their failures and successes, sometimes Epic failures, has made us a more educated and less timid community. We ask. We demand. We inquire. Moreover, we expect a response.

Teams often do not realize that we are not expecting a perfect answer. We just want to understand, in real time, what we are not getting about their projects. Then we have the “Bancor Effect”, that´s the worst experience ever. It happens when the Team leave the Community behind underestimating how important is The Power of the Community on a Decentralized World.

What We appreciate

I remember the first time I went over REX a couple of months ago. It was a great model but so many things missing.

After a LOT of interaction with the Team, especially Stephen King, I was definitely engaged. As I still am. I can mention other Teams with the same approach: Proof, District0X. The list goes on. But there is a special mention to the GODZILLION Team. I was impressed with their last announcement.

Announcement. We set a new CAP and Better Benefits for the Community

I recommend you take a read on this Announcement. I find amazing when a Team go over all their financial model because they understand that we are all together building a great project and not a bag of ETH. The first paragraph reads:

“The most valuable asset we have is the Community. We have listened to every response and taken into account all feedback from you, and we are glad to announce a revised financial structure for the benefit of all of us.”

And that´s when I say, We the People. The Power of the Community on a Decentralized World is explained there. On that Announcement.

Thanks to Cristobal Pereira, Rodrigo Sainz at GODZILLION.

Thanks to Malthus John for sharing your insights.