Give a Damn? Naah ….…

Are we hardwired to care or not?

For a minute let me to paint for you a picture of few global disasters happening right at this moment:-

  • 17,000 infants will die today from preventable causes hence contributing to an outrageous number of child mortality.
  • 150+ women lose their lives everyday as a result of domestic violence.
  • Each day nearly 96 elephants are killed by ivory poachers, They are at risk of extinction in 10 years.
  • 100 million children are homeless facing hunger and harsh living conditions.
  • As of today at least 20 million people are victims of human trafficking, forced labour and slavery.
  • Food crisis has been declared worse ever since 1945, where more than 20 million people are facing death by starvation in South Sudan, Yemen and North Nigeria.
  • Every year nearly 15 million girls under 18 are forced into child marriage and denied education.
  • 65 million people live around the globe as refugees after being displaced by war, conflicts and political instabilities.
Well, for the bit of it Poverty, Political and economic manipulation, weak institutions, uneducated masses, radical beliefs, human evil, natural hazards and so forth have have casted suffering and pain to majority of humans and made the world messy and uglier.

How do you look at all of these from your own perspective? When news like Over 30 people were killed in an ISIS declared attack, gunmen dressed as medics struck a military hospital killing doctors, patients, visitors and hospital staff” is broadcasted; how does it make you feel? Have you seen so much bombing and deaths that it has been normalized another news I can do nothing about? Does it make you more appreciative of how lucky and favored you are? or are you the kind that turns their blame mode ON, fix opinions to a facebook post and rant about Muslims, radical beliefs bla blah blaah?

you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around it

Harper Lee outlined the fundamental rule of empathy that lead to compassion, connection, care and help. But how many of us look at the victims of disasters and consider them humans? before all the layers and labels; Do we see them as ones of our own?; truth is not so many do. We have 3 impulsive inclinations towards egocentricity that we apply to be comfortable with not giving a damn.

  1. “I have worked so hard to be here” — I owe nobody nothing, the other may be at their position because they didn’t.
  2. “Nature will always be ruthless” —History and fact proven, sorry that you were born in a wrong place at a wrong time — not my fault.
  3. “It’s not my job to fix the world” — Just not!!

With problems and issues in the world there’s a little we can do anyway, mostly we only have the power to control the damages of outcomes. But what if we could look into those people's eyes, walk a mile in their shoes and those of their loved ones. Try to visualize the experience of dodging bullets and bombs in a war torn region, or to lose your baby because the hospital she is born at doesn’t have an incubator for prematures, or to travel in a box for a week after been abducted and trafficked against your will, and or may be starve to death.

What if we could feel what they go through every day. “Would we have rewired ourselves to CARE a little more?” and take actions to help.

Attn: M. Edward Alexander , Benjamin P. Hardy , Kamila Zguzi , Cheri Winterberg , Sam Radford , Phil Coffman , Andrei Draganescu , Jon Westenberg , Linda Caroll who’s writings affects me +vely everyday.