My journey embracing failure /near win

“70 dollars & a trip to the unknown”

“We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already, we have the power to imagine better” quoting J.K Rowling whose story awakens fulfillment of my deepest hollows, this was her 2008 Harvard commencement speech titled “‘The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination’

Well, this time around I share my failure with those who depends on me to be the light at the end of their darkest tunnels.

One of my friends calls my work “the art of my soul” as it is driven by my passion and dream of Africa without homeless children. With the help of my dedicated friends and funds I saved for the most part of my life we managed to successfully start and run a homeless street children reform centre , steered by the desire to do good I left my job to work full time in changing lives of children stuck in misfortunes they never asked for. In less than a year the number of them drastically grew from 15 to nearly 50, soon we could no longer make ends meet So we started a fundraiser to financially support our everyday’s operations, for 4 months we raised only 20% of the asked amount ($ 3,060 to be exact). It being a crowdfunding fundraiser — it’s main element is a crowd — we lacked one; The fundraiser nearly much failed.

Embracing this failure: when I wrote about my experience living the life of a homeless child in an article entitled “Why I chose them”, I closed it by asking readers If they still wanted to know why it is them (homeless kids) I chose to serve and my answer was “Because I have an option not to be the next person who fails them”. In less than a month, I am going to — not out of choice — but reality of circumstances given. I will close down the space they depend upon for personal development, shelter, food, medical assistance and a sense of belonging as we can not afford running it any longer.

In a quest to find how I can construct from this experience, I decided to take spare personal funds I have left (70$) and head to an island — an environment far-fetched from an idea of comfort. Not sure of where I would stay on my first night; By good fortune my CoachSurfing host accepted my request a few minutes after my arrival (the kindness this family of total strangers is showering me with is pure humanness). My goal here is to reflect on lessons I have learnt in these past two years working with children in adversity and how I can use them to build on my own setbacks. I have assumed a role of a parent to two former homeless youngsters whom we have placed in secondary school, 4 others are looking forward going back to their families and start new chapters. Moving forward, what part will I play in their lives and how? To my family, friends and volunteers who believed in the cause, what will this failure mean to all of us? A part of me is painfully shattered by my own passion, Still it is my responsibility to provide answers to these questions.

On an unrelated note there is a bird building a nest at a corner of my room. I watch as she goes out by the window that I leave open as my room boils in 32 degrees Celsius by day; After every few minutes she will bring small pieces of sticks or leaves and lay them close together… her creation is coming to life. Will it survive to serve it’s purpose of ensuring livelihood? All odds indicates NEGATIVE! — the nest is built in someone’s bedroom, the tweets of a bird might not be very morning friendly etc. Chances are someone will bring it down; What will it mean to this bird if her nest falls?

Likely she will chirp her way to build another one elsewhere; what if I move on with the robustness of this bird in mind………….

Kindly note:
I have no ounce of energy left to ask for donations, I sincerely wish I did not have to… but if you feel like you can change this course, please do it here: No child asks to be homeless, let’s help