Finding Beauty: Janet Benton

In her acclaimed debut novel, Lilli de Jong, Janet Benton seeks to “crack open” the hearts of those who devalue and dismiss the arduous job of motherhood. Although the tale is set in the 19th century, the struggle to find affordable childcare, especially among single mothers, still hits a bit too close to home. Despite the odds against single mothers raising healthy babies, Lilli remains determined, which isn’t surprising, given the background of her creator, the daughter of an ardent feminist, who began her career as an intern at Ms. Magazine.

Janet has taught at several colleges, worked as an editor, and established The Word Studio, a haven for aspiring novelists who are wise enough to absorb her encyclopedic knowledge of craft. As an author, her star is rising, however, it was her passion for the cause of motherhood that led me to seek her out as a guest on Finding Beauty.

The listen to my conversation with Janet Benton, please click here.