Three Stories That Explain Why I Am Relentlessly, Passionately, and Impatiently Optimistic
Melinda Gates

Dear Melinda, I am based in Pakistan and all these stories are so familiar. My organization Women’s Digital League ( works with educated Pakistani women by training and connecting them to positive computer-based work. These are privileged women in the sense they have had an education. But they are disadvantaged because over 86% of them never participate in the economic development of their country. Women hardly if ever own any property and are also discouraged from working outside their homes. Several factors are responsible for this inlcuding cultural barriers. However, WDL gives them the opportunity to work from home on their computers and through the Internet.

This part of your article compelled me to leave this comment: “We’ve seen again and again that when you invest in women and girls, you invest in the people who invest in everyone else.” Once these women become financially independent only then will they be able to do things like send kids to school, get better care during pregnancy, decide to have their babies in hospitals, vaccinate, and all. Thank you for all you are doing. You give others like msyelf courage to do our little bit.

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