How to Increase Customer Satisfation in the Quartzy Platform


Identify weak points in Quartzy online lab management platform and suggest solutions for them


What is the weakest point of

How can we provide the most value to consumers?

How do you think we can increase the number of labs using Quartzy?

Most repeated Answers

  • “Quartzy platform is complicated to use as opposed to traditional paper”
  • “(Big) Time commitment to place all Inventory electronically”
  • “All of the tutorials were not linked together and you needed to read three (or so) to get all the relevant info”

Summary of the problems:

  1. Ordering or storage as outdated methods

2. Mobile app

3. Design problems with interface not being user-friendly

Explanation and how to how to solve every problem based on data collected

  1. Ordering or storage as outdated methods

The quartzy platform organization methods are similar to excel spreadsheets or even traditional white board tables, with checks and seriel numbers of order recieved and the placement

So how can the Quartzy website stand out in lab mangement?

The answer to this question is the same answer to any new technology coming into the market to replace paper organization, such as google calenders.

A- We need deliver the software in a new way

An useful addition, would be to add the specific experiment into the platform and have better organization with the supplies itself. The materials in inventory linked better to the experiment or subtrials.

Quartzy can be an all encompassing system to help researchers store their data materials to retrieve and share more easily. The Quartzy software, as a result, can be ideal for PI’s.

2. Mobile app problems

A -The beauty of online organization is the fact that is easily more accesible once it is electronically stored and able to be reached or entered by all members of the group. One way to achieve this further is to implement a mobile application so it can be accessed on all channels. Since collaboration is essential to the lab, this can help differentiate the product from excel or even white board methodolgy.

A mobile app component can be very benefical to Quartzy lab mangement, as an addition to the original product. As its own, quartzy can facilitate discussions between group members and allow more people to be connected to each others and the supplies.

3. Design problems with interface not being user-friendly

In order for any software or organization method to be used by the maximum number of users; info graphs, maps, or other visual elements need to be implemented. Otherwise the software provided begins to be seen as commplicated and laboratories would not bother to immplement.

A- We need to offer more visual content, and we need to organize information to be more accessible:

Sample of page from laboratory group that utalizes Quartzy

By making the systems simple to use, such as adding more visuals, the culture will begin to shift.

From interpreting the customer feedback from NPS surveys, to make the platform or even the presentations more visually applealing, there can be a growth of users. The net promoter score can also increase as a result.

Presentation of Quartzy given to potenital users may not sufficient to bring laboratories using the service until it provides the most value. There is a time commitment, at the begining, to enter everything in the beginning. If the process can be further streamlined with more visuals, it can allow consumers to see the value of it. There are supply challenges as much of the biological material is perishable. Quartzy streamlines the process to prevent waste and increase efficacy, but there is time lag to use this software in the beginning.

Customer Reviews

“Entering everything at the beginning is very time consuming, I’m hoping this will pay back in the future. [To become] even more user friendly.”

“ All of the tutorials were not linked together and you needed to read three (or so) to get all the relevant info, their help team was very efficient though. I just wish they would make the box view a little more accessible. It feels annoying to go Manage Locations > Select Box. I don’t ever use the list view unless I am searching for something.”

“The platform is updated online, it also offers an advantage that an excel spreadsheet or log book couldn’t provide.”

“It gets ordered and a check goes next to it. When it’s received it gets checked twice. That’s probably 5 times faster than going to my computer, finding it in quartzy, and submitting it.”


The most benefits of Quartzy from online serveys is the prevention of lost of materials and keeping track of inventory.

Although there is a financial incentive to use this product, what can bring increased users is a change in aesthetics. Over time businesses or institutions will keep using this software to reduce spending, once the user interface and functionality improves. A mobile app can also be a useful integration. The metrics of these improvments can be measured with Salesforce.

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