Can’t Hear Sound In Windows 10? Get The Fixes Here

As the people moves toward the latest Windows operating system, they are really enjoying numbers of new and astonishing features with this OS. But, at the same time they are also complaining about numbers of issues that they are facing with this latest Windows. Many users are reporting issues with a sound driver because of which users are unable to hear sound after Windows 10 installation. Here users can dial a toll-free number of a get instant help by tech support for Windows 10 sound problems to have a solution for sound issues.

This sound issue is almost same as printer issue after Windows update because both of these issues depend on the driver. As similar to sound issue many users also reported for printer issue for which user frequently needed to have a Windows 10 tech customer phone number for printer. However, here with this article post, you will know about the fixes for Windows 10 sound issues. Let’s go through that:

Update sound card

Poor communication between your sound card and Windows 10 is the main source of sound problem for which you can follow the solution procedure as shown below:

• Click on Start Menu and search for Device Manager.

• Now, choose Sound, video, and game controllers.

• Open Sound card and go to Driver tab and check for driver updates.

• After completing the update of a driver, restart your system.

Checkout function for hard drive

• Here, you again need to go to Device Manager and find Audio driver.

• Right click on the audio driver and then select update driver software.

• Now, choose to browse my computer for driver software.

• Now, choose let me pick from a device drivers list.

• Now, choose High Definition Audio Device and install it.

Browse for sound problems

If you are getting trouble in hearing sound on Edge browser, then you need to browse for sound problems in Windows 10. Here, a problem might be with Audio Flash player. Here, you need to click on the right upper corner of Edge browser to have more options and click on Settings. Now, click on toggle bar showing Adobe flash player and turn on your toggle.

With all these mentioned procedures, you can easily get rid of sound issues with your Windows 10.Anyway, even after going through these procedures, if you are still receiving sound issues on Windows 10 installation, then you need to call a Windows 10 technical support number.