Windows 7 Update Issues is Resolved

With the advent of Windows 10 many Windows 7 started upgrading to Windows 10, but while updating Windows 7 users started getting lots of bugs. To have resolution of this Windows issues, users frequently started looking for technical support and help for Windows 7. Microsoft has also finally confirmed that Windows update on Windows 7 is causing trouble to many PC users. So, they suggested switching Windows 7 update KB3133977 to ‘Recommended’ from ‘Optional’.

Windows on updating shows the error of missing patches due to which users again need to install it. While making an installation, users recognize that download has just completed zero percent and Process Explorer shows the users that it was updating Windows. After getting this error, KB3153199 was released for both 64 and 32 bit editions to have single patch manual installation. Although it ran with much faster speed, yet shows some another issues on Windows update.

Later news came that KB3133977 was an optional, so it needed to have manual installation to get effect of it. Solution was simple with this option as users only need to clear KB3133977 to avoid the error. But, after certain duration Microsoft made it as a ‘Recommended’ update. This made the users to have automatic installation of Windows update. In this situation, users can also have support for Windows 7 update issues with their toll-free number for updating Windows without trouble. Read more at

Another error that appeared to the users is that Windows machine suddenly stops booting and shows red box. This basically happens to those who are having Asus motherboard. And to check whether you are having Asus motherboard in your system or not, you need to follow the steps as below:

· Go to the All Programs

· Accessories

· System tools

· Select the system information

This will show all the PC components, including your motherboard. If you have Asus motherboard, then you need to connect with the dealer of your system to rebrand Asus motherboard. After, rebranding of your motherboard you can use the KB3133977 as Recommended to avoid all the update issues that you were getting while updating Windows.

In this way, you can get resolved your updating issues with your Windows 7 and could have the Windows 10. However, if you want to have more support and information regarding Windows updating issues, then you can dial a toll-free Windows technical support phone number or visit .