Hello, world!

I’ve never been much of a writer or blogger. Back in 2006, I created “Specific Food Reviews,” solely to review huevos rancheros and tortilla soup at restaurants, and way before that, had a Xanga page (definitely dating myself… does anyone out there remember Geocities?). As far as social media is concerned, my dog, Cotton, has pictures on Instagram — hers is better than mine.

There always seems to be “the thing” everyone uses, and right now, Medium is it. So here I am.

What will I write about?

This will evolve and may feel random.

While I can strategize, project plan, and execute — get from point A to B with measurable results — I’m not necessarily a linear thinker. In conversation, thoughts enter my mind and I switch topics because A remindes me of B, which makes me think of C, and oh yeah, how about D and E? The move from B to E takes about 2 seconds. And now I am going to ask you about E, coming across as random!

Future posts might include longer articles or a simple quote. Btw, the quotes included in #GIRLBOSS are great; thank you, Sophia Amoruso!

I’ll leave you with one:

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. -Oscar Wilde