My New Year eves.

How I spent my every New Year eve. Since I was little my family had a tradition to celebrate new year at a restaurant with a bunch of friends. I had a lot of fun there, it was so interesting and I enjoyed every New Year. Then something changed. When I was 11 we celebrated New Year at home, it was boring. My parents went to sleep at like 2 am. One thing was good, that in the morning I still had a lot of presents under the Christmas tree. Next year my parents decided that it is time to go to Europe for holidays. It was the worst time for me. Every single year we were traveling to different countries and celebrated New Year’s there. I did not like these New Years at all, but it was a good experience. I saw different traditions of other countries and I can say that all Europe is pretty much the same. We went to a restaurant, walked on the main square, went to sleep and that was it… I believe that my favorite new year was in America. I went to America in 2013. I lived with a host family. They became really close to me. I celebrated Christmas for the first time, because in Russia we do not celebrate it as much as Americans do. My parents came to visit me and it was the perfect family holyday. We spent it at home, but it was fantastic. We had Christmas music, Christmas lights, a lot of Christmas food and it even smelled like Christmas. I am happy that I had this kind of experience. Now I know that the main idea of celebrating Christmas or New Year’s is to have a big lovely family near you, then holiday spirit will come by itself.

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