Guadaloop, the Pod that NEVER quits

On Sunday, August 27th Texas Guadaloop was awarded a SpaceX Innovation Award at the Hyperloop Pod Competition II

To Texas Guadaloop, this award means more than words could describe. It validated all the blood, sweat and tears that the team had gone through in the past two years and most importantly the past week.

When Furiosa (our pod’s name) arrived earlier that week to the SpaceX lot some teams laughed and scoffed at it. It wasn’t smooth, it wasn’t shiny but it was ours. 90% of our pod was built in house with off-the shelf and custom machined parts made by the team. Many late nights of welding, soldering, designing, arguing and even crying had brought Furiosa life and many more would happen in the incoming days.

As the week progressed and we got through the initial testing phases SpaceX required to move up the ranks, Furiosa made us proud. The work the engineers had put into the different systems started to highlight us from the others.

However we still ran into some problems. Day in and day out we would leave the SpaceX lot and cross the street to a local Auto Body shop and work all night on improvements suggested by SpaceX. Every morning we’d arrive at the lot and SpaceX would come over and review those changed for approval. They quickly learned we don’t give up and with the odds against us we overcame every obstacle thrown at us. We made the impossible happen.

It was thanks to our Never Quit, scrappy and resourceful attitude that we made our mark. Through all the ups and the downs the Guadaloop team never faltered, in fact we became closer than ever. I’m honored to be part of this crazy team of beasts. This team has taught me that the impossible can happen, that every single member is essential our success and most of all I learned to never doubt the a crazy idea’s potential for success.

So whats next for Guadaloop? Some much deserved sleep and maybe a Lone Star but if you want to learn more about Guadaloop future plans visit and follow us on Social Media: