Who Are Scott and Amie Yancey?

Scott Yancey is a well-known television real estate personality and investor. He was born on July 9, 1969, and raised in Studio City, CA. Scott and Amie Yancey have established themselves as a married real estate team with Scott leading the investment side and Amie leading the renovations and decorative side.

The couple met while attending college together in the 1980s. Scott had already established promise in real estate. He did his first deal at age 14 and then went on to get a job with a major real estate attorney in Los Angeles during college. It was there he got the hang of investing in land and major apartment complexes. His biggest and earliest successes came when he turned land deals into subdivisions for major retail developers.

Scott continued with this while selling stores in Las Vegas and Provo. He and Amie moved to Las Vegas and he formed his brokerage firm in 2008 called Goliath Company.

Scott Yancey and Amie began flipping properties in Las Vegas for profit and soon got the attention of producers for the A & E network. Their show Flipping Vegas aired for five years up until 2014 and focused on Scott and Amie Yancey and their adventures rehabbing some of the worst properties in Vegas while turning them into real estate treasures.

Amie had a talent for picking out colors and textures for the rehabbed homes. Scott was famous for having a temperamental personality. The show was popular and Amie was likened to Jeff Lewis from another reality show called Flipping Out.

They continue working together with Scott focusing on giving seminars around the United States to people who want to have a real estate investment mentor. Many people have found his investment advice to be extremely helpful in all kinds of markets.

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