I Wonder If They’ll Remember Me

A pig’s perspective on a vegan outreach program day.

They loved me. They pet me on the back with a soft hand. They looked at me in the eyes and smiled. It was nice. The first thing I saw of them were their shoes. I remember when two red shoes came up to me. Someone lifted me up, and I saw his face; the boy with the red shoes. His eyes were dark and his smile, warm. I remember him because he hugged me and smelled of cinnamon. I wonder if he’ll remember me. Oh, I hope he is kind, because I like him and I want him to like me too. It started to rain a little, but people were still coming to see me. They loved me. I remember a girl who came up to me when I was eating some grass. She was wearing sandals and her toe-nails were painted pink. She leaned in and I felt her hand on the top of my hand. “So cute,” I heard her say, and she patted me on the head.

Many of them said this. “So cute.” Pat. Pat. 
“So cute.” Pat, Pat.

Oh, but I remember her more because I liked her voice. It was kind and light; it had never said anything negative, of that I was sure. The girl’s feet were getting wet because of the rain, and as she left, I heard her voice again. “So cute,” she said. It rained a little harder after. I wonder if she’ll remember that I was cute. Because I certainly am.

Spanish Translation:

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