Maricopa County launches ‘Valley View’

Summertime in Maricopa County means eyes on the skies. Between the dust storms and Monsoon downpours, County residents will have a lot to endure in the coming months.

Now there is a brand new way to view the Valley on its most action-packed days, with Maricopa County’s Valley View!

We’ve set up four new cameras throughout the tenth floor of the County Administration Building. Each of the cameras will be live streaming the skies to the north, south, east and west of Downtown Phoenix — including all major weather events.

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The skies above central Phoenix, South Mountain Park, the state Capitol and other surrounding areas will be visible 24/7.

Each of the feeds will be publicly available to embed, share and broadcast online and on television.

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Browse through Valley View time-lapses and clips on Facebook and Twitter.

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