The Threat to Science No One Talks About
Joe Brewer

So the good news is that we can grab a lot of the available information free online… the bad news is how do you store that information when current digital technology may go in the crapper, and it would be all too easy to loose the power to read our current digital media.

If you do decide to use Blue Ray density storage, might I suggest M-Disk media, it’s archival and has a shelf life in the range of centuries.

Now might be a great time to contact all the great Universities of the World with a global project of securing human knowledge in a geologically stable, safe place, for the benefit of all humanity. All books, scientific research, engineering, math, movies, music, art, history and an in depth analysis of how we ended up in this disaster.

Look for ways to get a Government Grant, maybe get the world bank and United Nations involved.

Come up with simple self sustaining computing environment. Combine low tech and ultra high tech… printable electronics… something that is sustainable.

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