For each goal, write WHY this goal is important to you (no more than 3 sentences)

2018 Goals

  1. launch heirloom tomato business and create a plan that gets it to profitability within nine months
  2. become self-supporting so that I’m actively earning more money than I spend
  3. develop a morning routine that includes exercise
  4. become an active supporter of conservation farming in southwest Michigan through farming and supporting other farmers
  5. learn to say yes to myself by saying no to things that do not support my personal growth and goals

2018 Goals (challenges; needs; why important)

  1. challenge in launching business: nuts and bolts of business and writing a business plan; need to connect with more farmers and figure out how to scale processes; I believe that by growing heirloom vegetables and supporting small-scale farming, I can make a difference in blighted areas of southwest MI and that soil conservation practices can heal the environment.
  2. challenge in becoming self-supporting: I’m an artist and have let idealism guide me and justify doing projects that don’t make money; need to find discipline to approach things practically. I believe that if My passion projects that support others are self-supporting the projects themselves have a greater chance of success.
  3. challenge with morning routine: old habits. I believe is I change my actions, I’ll change my mind and if I do what I’ve always done, I’ll get what I’ve always gotten.
  4. challenge with supporting conservation farming: I live in an area supported by large-scale corporate farming. need: to connect with like-minded small-scale farmers. I believe small-scale farming can make a difference.
  5. challenge with saying yes to myself: I care what other people think of me and want approval. need: to cultivate strategies for listening to myself and let go of fear of what others think of me. I believe that the approval of others is not the key to contentment.