Dear Michelle Obama,

I listened to your book and loved it but that was months ago. Today, a Saturday morning during quarantine in San Diego, CA, I woke up before my husband and college age daughter early, as I do every day. My morning started out as a normal day…

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The most common complaint I hear from companies is that their communications / PR firm “just isn’t doing anything”. Clearly, if a company or individual is feeling this way it is just plain frustrating. I get it. No one likes to watch their hard-earned dollars go down the drain.



How could we have put you in this treacherous position? You have grown up and ventured out into the world with all the confidence of a strong human without any of the experience of true defeat and discipline.


You stride into the workplace, usually run and organized by those who…

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Branding Strategist. Filipina-American. Food Explorer. Podcast + Real Estate Junkie. Wife. Mom.

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