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For a lot of women, Uber became the first choice as a means of transport to avoid public transport or get home alone in the street at night. I used this solution many times to feel safe when coming back from a party or dinner. But after reading the #UberCestOver hashtag on Twitter (a mix of French and English, translate “Uber it’s over”) and read several testimonies, it seems that the app has now become an ambush for many women.

Many testimonies of sexual assaults

In Strasbourg (France), after a party downtown, four students (three women and a man) order an Uber to get home…

I recently realized it’s been a year already. A year Vincent and I left Paris. A year we became nomads. A year we started our indie journey. I thought it was probably a good time to write a summary of the past year.

Sometimes I feel like I did not accomplish much. So I thought of going over the past year to see what we have achieved. It actually restored my energy and was an opportunity to define what’s coming next.

October 2017, bye bye Paris

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During the Women Make 30 Day Challenge last October, I decided to work on a podcast. I’m revealing the first guest and episode today. Women Make recently celebrated its 6-month anniversary so I thought it would be a great opportunity to go over its history and what led me to launch the Women Make podcast.

Create a place for us

I created this community because I want women to have a place to find support in the maker community. Entrepreneurship already has its hurdles to overcome but it is even more difficult as a woman (and every minority in general).

The impact society has on…

October was intense. Indeed, it was the month of the Women Make Challenge. And it was freaking awesome!

30 days to build and launch

The Women Make 30 Day Challenge

After 110+ participants joined the challenge, we all started working on October 1st with one goal in mind: build and launch something in 30 days.

It has been really inspiring and motivating since day one. Everyone was discussing their ideas, sharing their todo lists and templates, offering their help… That’s exactly the kind of atmosphere I wanted for this challenge: punchy and friendly at the same time.

When someone was having a hard time or was doubting themselves, the community was here…

Starting today, October 1st, Women Make is organizing its own hackathon. The goal: build and launch something in 30 days. Set a goal and just ship it.

Why organizing a challenge

It’s been a few months I follow Ben’s work and I really like what he’s doing with newco, a platform to help people build stuff without code. But when Graeme pinged me this tweet about running some sort of online program, I didn’t know what it would entail.

Where it all started, on Twitter

The idea was to use their new platform to organize a challenge in partnership with Women Make

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I’m a Swift developer and indie maker. I have made several apps, and they’ve been featured on the App Store every time. Threader, a Twitter client that curates good threads and displays them on a single page, even became featured as App of the Day.

Here is some advice from my experience that might help Apple consider your app for promotion as well.

Note: Although this advice applies to all app categories, the game category is a bit more specific. I won’t cover the game app category in particular in this post.

How to get featured in the “New Apps We Love” section

I assume you already have a developer account and an app to submit. This article is written for iOS apps, working on Xcode 9.

NB: This article was originally posted on

They are 2 main steps for an App Store submission:

  • You need to create your app on iTunes Connect where you’ll need to enter some information (displayed on the App Store or needed for the review team).
  • Upload the actual file, using Xcode in our case.

It’s not that complicated but it can feel a bit messy the first time. …

I am excited and scared, this is my first ever blog post. But I am happy to be sharing what I’m working on and writing about something I truly care about.

Who am I?

I am a French indie developer and maker who has worked in the tech industry for a few years now. I know that the field can be tough when you are a woman but I never felt like it was my place to do something about it. I admired those who are involved in making a change, there is so much work to do. I often feel overwhelmed because…

Marie Denis

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