Submit & publish your app on the App Store

  • You need to create your app on iTunes Connect where you’ll need to enter some information (displayed on the App Store or needed for the review team).
  • Upload the actual file, using Xcode in our case.

1) Create your app on iTunes Connect

Login on iTunes Connect
Select “My Apps”
Click on “+” then “New App”

A. General information

Information of your new app
  • Platform: simply the platform of your app.
  • Name: simply the name of your app. It might be already taken. In this case, you can add a short sentence to make it different. Ex: If ‘Many’ is already taken, try ‘Many — Share videos with your friends’ instead.
  • Primary language: that’s the main language of your app. If you translated it into several languages, you’ll be able to add these later don’t worry.
  • Bundle ID: you can find it in Xcode in your target general info
  • SKU: a unique ID. It won’t be public so it’s up to you to choose it. Personally, I often put my bundle ID.
Your app’s bundle ID

B. Choose your categories

The category field
  • Obviously the category of your app.
  • The competition. If you app could fill in 3 categories, you may choose the 2 where there is less competition.
Check your competitors

C. Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability of your app

D. Prepare for submission

  • App previews & screenshots
App Previews and Screenshots
Media manager
  • Promotional Text and Description
  • Keywords
  • Support url
  • General App Information
General App Information section
  • You need an app icon with 1024 x 1024 px dimensions. You don’t need to upload it if you use Xcode 9 or later since it’s done automatically when you upload a build.
  • Enter the same version as your Xcode project.
  • Click on ‘Edit’ next to ‘Rating’ and enter the appropriate categories then click ‘Done’.
  • Fill the copyright (ex: Copyright © Company-name Release-year)
  • Enter your company information (name, address, phone, mail, etc).
  • App Review Information
App Review Information
  • Version release
Version Release section

2) Submit a build with Xcode

A. Create the archive

Version and build of your app
Archive your app

B. Upload the file

Open the Organizer
Validate your app
Upload to App Store

C. Submit the build

Build section
Select the build to submit

D. Waiting For Review

  • one when the team will start to review it, then your app will switch to the the ‘In Review’ state
  • one when they are done, then your app will switch to the ‘Approved’ state

Anyway, good luck with your app submission!



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