#FuckThisShit Advent: Day Eleven

(Out)Rage. Matthew 12:34.

“You brood of vipers! How can what you say be good when you are full of evil? Our words flow from the fullness of our heart…” — The Inclusive Bible

I mean, the parallels are almost too easy here. Outrage is predictable in the world I inhabit, where each new Trump cabinet announcement brings more fear and anxiety. But it also brings more resistance. Outrage can be a force for good when it’s directed at systemic oppression.

Outrage drove Jesus to turn over the tables in the temple. Outrage drove Martin Luther to protest corruption in the church. Outrage drove a lot of people to #StandwithStandingRock. Outrage drove the civil rights movement. Outrage drove the drag queens to confront the police at the Stonewall Inn and at Compton’s Cafeteria before that.

Moral outrage is called for in these times. It needs to be paired with moral courage and moral vision. Let’s do it. We have what we need for holy queer resistance.

Fuck this shit.

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