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Elizabeth Hurley, 55 and Traci Kochendorfer, 52 proves Fifties are Fabulous !

Somethings never get OLD like Traci K and Elizabeth and their bodies. Despite what you might think about going through menopause, these ladies here show that nothing is on pause for them. Elizabeth who turned 55 in June and Traci K turning 52 August 28 have not let the restricted summer keep them restricted when it comes to their bodies. And seem to be aging backwards.

Elizabeth took to instagram with a couple of her posts showcasing her celebrating the Fabulous fifties.

Elizabeth Hurley source Instagram VIEW PROFILE

The style features a classic triangle top with gold chain links in the center of the chest. The tiny bottoms also include the same links along the hips. The top and bottom covered by a pink robe on her website, and somehow Elizabeth in her IG photo looks just as incredible in the swimsuit as the young model wearing it on the swimwear’s webpage. The outfit is going for about $88 dollars.

Despite another trip around the sun, Liz’s stomach in the bikini appears so incredibly flat and toned, along with her enviable tiny waist. Her famed bust looks sensational in the top, and her legs are so trim and fit

Traci Kochendorfer Source Facebook VIEW PROFILE

The Style features a black racerback sports bra and her fitstyle fitness yoga leggings from her Traci K Collection by Rageon.

Her bust is very firm and along with some muscular arms still as she still ranks in the top of the list for BEST CELEB ARMS. Although she doesn’t do any bodybuilding anymore or fitness competitions; she still has some definition in her abs. Some might say fitness gals are considered curvy cause they have more of a athletic look instead of the skinny runway model look.

They both also are selling Yoga and Summer Wraps which seems to be a big trend and probaly will be for a long time.

Do you like Yoga and Beach Wraps?



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